Evelyn Quarshie

I found East Biostat’s SAS training to be very useful for my job and relevant to preparing for the SAS certification. Not only did I get training on Base SAS which is applicable in public health but I also got training in SAS clinical which is an advantage if I should apply for a clinical [...]

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Carlon Zephirin

I am really glad that I took East Biostat's SAS training. It was very useful for my new job and got me prepared for the SAS certification. The Clinical Training was a great addition, as we learned about CDISC and Clinical terminology. The class style promotes participation and similar to the classroom teaching. [...]

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Kawaljit Kaur

East Biostat's SAS training have really helped me to enter the pharmaceutical industry. I was a bit sceptical in the beginning about online learning but I found it even better than actual classroom. I got fully convinced to join this training after going through the free session. Senior Statistical Programmer Chiltern International For Sanofi [...]

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Fred Moy

I had the pleasure of working with East Biostat. The exercises were well thought out and the pace was certainly workable. The backup arrangements for missed sessions worked well as inevitably this will occur. Documentation quality and clinical framework were well positioned in the overall activities. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking [...]

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Sadia Iffate

East Biostat’s SAS training was very extensive. I did not have any programming background before joining this class. But now I feel confident that one day I can be a successful SAS programmer. I highly recommend this training to those who are interested to learn SAS. It may be challenging at the beginning but if [...]

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Ivy Quareshi

The training was well organized and well conducted. Each training session was started on timeand materials/tools used were effective in driving home what needed to be taught. SAS is generally a difficult concept to grasp, but you were patient in breaking everything down and made sure you engaged us during the sessions. Ivy Quarshie, MPH [...]

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Sumi Ram

As said earlier I was a bit reluctant to join the course initially, but now I realize I made the right choice. The course content was satisfactory. You were really approachable. And you instructed us and made sure that each one of us are understanding and are on the same page. Remote training at its [...]

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Ejiro Egbon

My Experience with East Biostat was great, I enjoyed learning the fundamentals of SAS and gaining insights into the Clinical Aspects. The flexibility was great in terms of having access to the courses after each session. Also having resources for the exam/role such as the practice test questions, clinical documents and guide was of tremendous [...]

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Jaimini Patel

My SAS learning experience from East Biostat was very pleasant. I liked the punctuality, clarity and the frankness about what is out there. In no way we were mislead or promised more than what was described in the beginning and what was in store for us if we joined the class. I would give 5 stars [...]

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Preeti Srivastva

I would like to thank you and your team for designing and executing the training is such a proper manner.My experience with East Biostat was really good. SAS was completely a new thing for me, I once again thank you for giving the confidence that I can pursue my career in SAS. In terms of [...]

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